How KIP101 Works

KIP101's free app connects people for career conversations and knowledge-sharing to help with career exploration, job search, transitions, networking and other professional development needs.

If you're looking for information to make better career decisions, advance a job search and/or spark new ideas and opportunities, request an invite to sign up as a Knowledge Seeker:

1. Create a free Knowledge Seeker account

2. Search KIP101's community of committed Knowledge Providers

3. Message Knowledge Providers to schedule conversations

If you'd like to impart insights and expertise, either formally as a professional coach/advisor or informally as a way to give back or meet new people, request an invite to sign up as a Knowledge Provider:

1. Create a free Knowledge Provider account

2. Specify your availability & fee (if any) to talk to Knowledge Seekers

3. Respond promptly to Knowledge Seekers who contact you

You can also sign up as Both Knowledge Seeker & Provider.  In all cases, it's free to use KIP101.