How To Use KIP101

1.  Complete your profile in the Profile        module

  • All users must complete at least one identity

  • Knowledge Providers must complete at least either the Professional or Coach identity

2.  Find and message Knowledge Providers using the Community            module

  • Only Knowledge Providers who are available at the time of search will show up in the search results

  • Each new Knowledge Provider connection requires 3 credits

3.  Read career path reviews in the Knowledge Bank        module

  • Opening a review requires 3 credits

  • Contribute a review to earn 6 credits

3.  Use the Dashboard         module to take various actions:

  • Send follow-up messages to existing connections, and leave reviews on conversations you've had with them (earn 1 credit per conversation review)

  • Join groups that you have been invited to

  • Contribute career path reviews (earn 6 credits per career path review)

  • Get your personal referral code and sample invite note (earn 1 credit per referral)

  • Get credits refunded for unresponsive connections

Questions?  Contact us at

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