KIP101 Ambassadorship Opportunity

87% of employees globally are unhappy or unengaged at work; 46% of employers can’t find skilled workers to fill open positions; almost 500 million full-time equivalent jobs have been wiped out by COVID – and these are not the only staggering statistics on today’s challenging job market.


KIP101, a Columbia University Startup Lab company, was founded to help people navigate job market challenges and achieve professional success by leveraging career development’s best-kept secret: 1-on-1 career chats with experienced professionals.  We've developed a unique and free web app that aims to make career-advancing conversations available to every college student and professional on demand.


We are recruiting ambassadors to help spread the word about KIP101.  As an ambassador, you will help promote our app through outreach on social media and other channels.  Your mission will be to get people to try the app, and you'll be compensated based on how many new users you bring on.


Benefits of being a KIP101 Ambassador:


  • Make an impact in the careers of other people as well as your own

  • Gain marketing and social media influencing skills

  • Earn cash in your free time from home

  • Learn about the workings of a startup

  • Be considered for an expanded role at KIP101


If KIP101’s mission interests you, we’d love to explore working together!