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KIP101 Ambassadorship

66% of US workers are unhappy or unengaged at work, 40% of college graduates are underemployed, and these are not the only challenges in our labor market.

KIP101, a Columbia University Startup Lab company, was founded to help people navigate the challenging work landscape and achieve professional success.  We've developed an innovative and free career knowledge-sharing platform that makes it easy for people to get the career insights they need to succeed.

We are recruiting ambassadors to help spread the word about KIP101.  If you'd like to:

  • Help advance people's careers, including your own

  • Develop your marketing and communication skills

  • Play a leadership role in the building of a professional community

  • Gain insight into how startups operate

  • Be considered for an expanded role at KIP101

  • Get KIP101 credits to spend on rewards

Apply below to join our team!

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