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Take Your Career To The Next Level

Talk To Industry Insiders & Coaches To Gain Valuable Career Insights

Easily Get Insights Specific To Your Career Needs


Search professionals who have offered to share their knowledge

conversation (httpswww.flaticon.comfree-

Have 1-on-1 conversations with desired connections


Use KIP101 free of charge

1 in 12 informational interviews leads to a job offer, versus 1 in 200 resumes

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Elevate Your Career At Every Stage

Get informational interviews

Expand your network

Get job search advice

Explore career paths

Access the hidden job market

Discuss professional collaborations

Find a coach, mentor or advisor

Be a coach, mentor or advisor

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Platform Features

Community of experienced professionals to connect with

Knowledge bank of career path reviews

Fun rewards program

Easy & free sign-up by invitation


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