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Career Ideas Based On Your Personality Type

By Jennifer Loeb

Have you wondered what career path is right for you? Would you like to learn about jobs that are compatible with your personality? This article will outline the different personality types and what jobs tend to suit them. After reading you may find a job you want to pursue or learn a little more about yourself and how you function professionally!


What is the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator?

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The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is a self-report questionnaire that identifies a person's personality type, strengths, and preferences. It is one of the most widely used personality tests with 90% accuracy according to MBTI. It was developed by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs using Carl Jung's theory of personality types for the intention of improving job satisfaction. Katherine wanted a way to figure out how women’s roles in the home could be meaningful and to find fulfillment within this sector. This led her to begin researching children and personality. Her daughter Isabel later became interested in creating a questionnaire that could help match people to the jobs that were suited for them, categorizing people into different strengths and weaknesses. There are four categories the test looks at- how you get your energy, your thought processing, how you make decisions, and how you plan- resulting in 16 different combinations of personality types.

You can take the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator at or view the above graphics to determine your personality type before continuing the article.


The 16 personality types

Image Source: Bob Fox


ISTJ’s are reliable and responsible. They can come across as serious and reserved to their peers. They usually love traditions and believe in values like honor, hard work and social responsibility. They thrive in an organized workplace and prefer to have rules laid out for them, hence they thrive in behind the scenes roles that require analytical and critical thought and where they can produce highly detail-oriented work.

Jobs for ISTJs include:

  • Dentist

  • Supply Chain Manager

  • Business Analyst

  • Auditor

  • Accountant

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Web Development Engineer

  • Government Employee

  • Systems Administrator

Celebrities with this personality type include George Washington and Natalie Portman


INFJs are usually idealists who look at the world in a multifocal way. They are creative people who have a large imagination and new and unique ideas. They look to be challenged in their work and their principles and integrity are what drives them. They are empathetic and caring, helpful and insightful. They would do well in behind the scenes roles with a multitude of interpersonal communication.

Jobs for INFJs include:

  • Counselor

  • Writer

  • Scientist

  • Librarian

  • Psychologist

  • Social Worker

  • Consumer Relations

  • Veterinarian

Celebrities with this personality type include Martin Luther King Jr. and Lady Gaga


INTJs tend to be quiet and reserved and therefore work best in non-social roles. They tend to think theoretically and look at how and why the things around them are the way they are. Due to this way of thinking, INTJs can recognize connections and are great at problem solving. They like planning and strategizing and want to do things their own way.

Jobs for INTJs include :

  • Musical Performer

  • Managing Editor

  • Photographer

  • Financial Advisor

  • Marketing Manager

  • Teacher

  • Physical Therapist

  • Investment Banker

  • Software Developer

  • Economist

  • Microbiologist

Celebrities with this personality type include Michelle Obama and Elon Musk


ENFJs thrive around others due their energetic and idealistic nature. They easily form connections with others and rely on their intuition and feelings. Their highly empathetic nature leads them to thrive in cooperative roles, ENFjs are natural leaders with strong principles and ethics. They thrive in roles that require them to be expressive and logical.

Jobs for ENFJs include:

  • Guidance Counselor

  • Sales Manager

  • HR Director

  • Art Director

  • Public Relations Manager

  • Advertising

Celebrities with this personality type include Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou


ISTPs have less recognizable personality traits. They tend to be rational and logical but can also be spontaneous and enthusiastic. They are often quiet, but they are always observing their surroundings. They are straightforward and honest leading to them collaborating when necessary, but preferring analytical and technical work where they can use the tools around them and solve problems.

Jobs for ISTPs include:

  • Technician

  • Construction Worker

  • Engineer

  • Forensic Scientist

  • Inspector

  • Economist

  • Pilot

  • Data Communications Analyst

  • ER Physician

  • Police Officer

Celebrities with this personality type include Michael Jordan and Tom Cruise


ESFJs thrive on interaction and socialization. They care alot about the happiness of those around them and tend to help others. In The workplace, they value cooperation and harmony and do well in jobs that allow them to care for others and enforce social order.

Jobs for ESFJs include:

  • Office Manager

  • Technical Support Specialist

  • Museum Curator

  • Psychologist

  • Medical Researcher

  • Sales Representative

  • Nurse/Healthcare Worker

  • Social Worker

Celebrities with this personality type include Taylor Swift and Jennifer Garner


INFPs prefer quiet and peaceful environments. They have large imaginations and like to daydream. They love to continue to learn in their daily lives and want to invoke change in the world. They can be very enthusiastic about their work as well as intense. They thrive in jobs that showcase their compassion and adaptability.

Jobs for INFPs include:

  • Editor/Copywriter

  • HR Manager

  • Physical Therapist

  • Psychologist

  • Artist

  • Photographer

  • Graphic Designer

Celebrities with this personality type include William Shakespeare and Alicia Keys


ESFPs like being the center of attention. They are affectionate and lively people who care deeply about others. They thrive in jobs that are exciting and where their work changes day to day. In their jobs they do well where they are constantly around others and can express their personality.

Jobs for ESFPs include:

  • Event Planner

  • Cosmetologist

  • Flight Attendant

  • Tour Guide

  • Primary Care Physician

  • Actor

  • Interior Designer

  • Environmental Scientist

  • Bartender

Celebrities with this personality type include Elton John and Adele


ENFP’s are highly individualistic; They want to pave their own path. They follow their feelings and intuitions and are motivated by their own goals. They do well in roles that allow them to be expressive and communicative, while also being casual in the way that they operate.

Jobs for ENFPs include:

  • Reporter/News Anchor

  • Editor

  • Musician

  • Product Manager

  • Elementary School Teacher

  • Personal Trainer

  • Social Worker

  • Journalist

  • Consultant

  • Restaurateur

  • Advertising

Celebrities with this personality type include Ellen DeGeneres and Robert Downey Jr.


ESTPs are pragmatic and use logic and reasoning, however they love excitement and freedom. They make decisions from data and thrive in high stakes roles that challenge them and require them to be resourceful. They love being around people and are passionate about what they do.

Jobs for ESTPs include:

  • Firefighter

  • Paramedic

  • Creative Director

  • Project Coordinator

  • Construction Manager

  • Detective

  • Banker

  • Investor

  • Sports Coach

  • Entertainment Agent

  • Military

Celebrities with this personality type include Madonna and Eddie Murphy


ESTJs are realists who are practical and dedicated. They need to believe the work they do is socially acceptable and just. They like to lead and give others guidance. They are able to follow procedures and rules very well. They do well in roles in which they have to be social and lead others, and ones in which they have to quickly make decisions.

Jobs for ESTJs include:

  • Coach

  • Financial Officer

  • Hotel Manager

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Insurance Sales Agent

  • Pharmacist

  • Lawyer

  • Project Manager

  • Chef

Celebrities with this personality type include Sonia Sotomayor and Frank Sinatra


ENTJs are logical and analytical. They are natural leaders and like being challenged. focus on external aspects and deal with things rationally and logically. They are natural leaders and enjoy being in charge and making decisions. People listen and follow their ideas due to strong charisma and charm. They thrive in authoritarian roles where they have to identify and solve problems efficiently.

Jobs for ENTJS include:

  • Business Administrator

  • Public Relations Specialist

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Judge

  • Construction Manager

  • Astronomer

  • Executive

  • Lawyer

  • Market Research Analyst

  • Management Consultant

  • Venture Capitalist

  • Physician

Celebrities with this personality type include Steve Jobs and Gordon Ramsay


INTPs are extremely logical and pay a strong attention to detail. They thrive in creative environments where they can play out solutions to problems and think theoretically, but they also prefer to work independently.

Jobs for INTPs include:

  • Composer

  • Professor

  • Writer

  • Producer

  • Biomedical Engineer

  • Marketing Consultant

  • Web Developer/Computer Programer

  • Architect

  • Financial Analyst

  • Economist

Celebrities with this personality type include Albert Einstein and Bill Gates


ISFJs place special emphasis on giving back and philanthropy. They value other people’s feelings and collaboration. They are dedicated and work hard in an orderly fashion. They thrive in jobs that allow them to give service to others, but do not like to be in positions of power.

Jobs for ISFJs include:

  • Accountant

  • Financial Clerk

  • Bank Teller

  • Research Analyst

  • Administrative Manager

  • Photographer

  • Elementary School Teacher

  • Dentist

  • Librarian

  • Customer Service Representative

Celebrities with this personality type include Beyonce and Queen Elizabeth II


ENTPs are smart and want to continuously be pushed and challenged. They look at the big picture rather than the elements so therefore do not like repetitive tasks and instead like problem solving and entrepreneurship.

Jobs for ENTPs include:

  • Attorney

  • Copywriter

  • Financial Planner

  • Psychologist

  • Systems Analyst

  • Creative Director

  • Operations Specialist

  • Real Estate Developer

  • Entrepreneur

  • Marketing Director

  • Politician

  • Reporter

Celebrities with this personality type include Mark Twain and Tom Hanks


ISFPs are approachable, kind, and even spontaneous, however, at heart are still introverts. They like exploring new places and things and live in the moment. They like working on their own time and don’t want to conform to others. They do well in jobs where they have to be comforting to others and help people in tangible ways.

Jobs for ISFPs include:

  • Bookkeeper

  • Social Media Manager

  • Optician

  • Veterinarian

  • Archeologist

  • Social Worker

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Fashion Designer

  • Physical Therapist

  • Landscape Architect

  • Jeweler

Celebrities with this personality type include Michael Jackson and Britney Spears



Your personality type helps to dictate your interests, work style and interactions with others. With an endless list of jobs you can pursue, there are specific roles within that list that can align with your personality, theoretically making for an enjoyable work experience and a job that you love!


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